Hidalgo Trading Shop



For our purposes The Hidalgo Trading Shop is our on-line store. We see it more like a gift shop. When you visit the site… stop by our shop. We offer some items that are exclusive to our site. Like souvenirs of your visit. The proceeds from the sales will help us cover the cost of running the site.

Why do we call it the Hidalgo Trading Shop ?



In a large brick building on the water front docks of the Hudson river, Doc Savage warehouses his equipment,vehicles, aircraft and yes even a Submarine ( HELL-DIVER). To conceal the true contents of this cavernous structure from the general public and Docs enemies a sign reading the Hidalgo Trading Company appears on the building.

To get to our shop through a Secret Door just click on the picture of Doc Savage…


May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper