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Batman vs Superman

Captain’s Log Star Date 1507.11


Lt. Uhura has received the following video transmission. The ship has been placed on yellow alert. The point of origin of the transmission is Earth. Sensors indicate the transmission emanated from an area known as San Diego. Upon viewing an emergency meeting was called in the Daystrom Conference Room to assess what we had just seen. Present are  Lt. Uhura, Ensign Chekov, Mr. Sulu, Mr.Scott, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and myself. What follows is a transcript of the audio that was recorded into the ship’s computer banks. We have included a copy of the transmission as well.


Kirk: “We you have all seen it…assessments?”

McCoy: “I have seen it but I still don’t believe it…”

Kirk: “Mr. Spock?”

Spock: ” facial and voice recognition confirms it…that is B-”

Scotty: “Aye, we know… but I can’t believe me eyes!”

Chekov: I traced the Source signal. It  was nine five wicktor wicktor two.

Kirk: I didn’t call on you Scotty or you either Chekov. Mr. Spock was speaking. Everyone raise your hands and wait to be called on. Yes Lt. Uhura?

Uhura: “I have to pee…”

Kirk: Proceed LT.

Kirk: “You all remember the rules. Mr. Spock please continue…”

Spock: It appears that acclaimed director Zack Snyder has made a brilliant casting choice.

McCoy: “Brilliant you call that brilliant?”

Spock: “Mr. Snyder simply has a way of using actors to achieve the results he wants.”


Kirk: “BONES!”

McCoy: “My God Jim listen to what he’s saying”

Sulu: “Commander Spock has lost his mind.”

Kirk: Lt. Uhura you don’t have to raise your hands to return to the table.

Uhura: I just want everyone to see I wash my hands after using the latrine not like you nasty boys.

Scotty: you mean somthin’ is effecting Spock’s Brain?

Chekov: “I know this one…I know this one… Season 3 episode 1 right?”

Sulu: “That’s right ”

McCoy: “give that man a cee-gar!”

Uhura: “why did I have the same bathroom lines as in what’s Ben Afflected?”

Kirk: “so you could say It’s Mrs. Uhura if your nasty…”

Uhura: “you like that don’t you?”

Kirk: “so whats up with you and Spock?”

Spock: “Captain it is not the time of the Pon Farr.”

Sulu: ” he’s still hot for her after that kiss.”

Scotty: ” Aye, he doesn’t remember.”

McCoy: ” He’s re-boot Kirk.”

Scotty: ” well there has been no dust in my transporter lately.”

Chekov: “Maybe it was the sling-shot around the sun?”

Scotty: “it’s usually the transporter. Captain do you like vintage beasty boys?”

Sulu: “Does Khan have long hair or short?”

Kirk: “let’s get back on topic.  Mr. Spock…”

Spock: “Ben Affleck appears to be a good representation of Batman. That is all that I am saying.”

Kirk: “Mr. Spock that is not the reason for this meeting.”

McCoy: ” Vulcan logic. He thought we meant Ben Affleck.”

Sulu: “I’ve been good with Ben since he apologized for Daredevil.”

Uhura: “His Vulcan mind can’t see it.”

Spock: ” admittedly the human mind confuses me at times. If we are not here over the casting of Batman then why are we here?”

Kirk: “Spock…Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor… really?”



May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper







Mission Revealed


We have achieved WARP DRIVE  and are well under way.  As we return to the milky way the crew is excited to learn the nature of our Mission.  Phase one of Operation Slingshot was a success. We have arrived early in the 21st century.

After our short Christmas stop over at Noel Mr.Chekov has been instructed to plot a course for Earths moon. We will take up a position on the Moons dark-side in order to go unobserved. From there we will launch the Shuttlecraft Galileo 7 in order to get a closer look to Earth.

This period in Earths history has been lost to us and as a result we are here to observer the development of Warp drive. We have arrived in the period just after the warp equation has proven .

We are also looking forward to seeing first hand this period in Earths history and the struggles this time period is facing.

Commander Mark Petrie will transmit his finding as well as impressions on a subspace channel (Podcast) from on board the Galileo 7. By monitoring Earths transmissions he will learn of the culture and politics and the people from this period.

We may even attempt a landing party. These videos transmissions will be uploaded on a separate subspace channel (YouTube) as Landing Party Vlogs.

We are looking forward to seeing Earth in this time period first hand. Stay tuned for further updates and as always…


May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper




Docking in the Navidad sector of the Alpha Quadrant above a Class L planet, shore leave has been granted and all ashore has been called freeing all crew members from their duties and responsibilities. This planets name and arctic climate makes it a crew favorite for celebrating Christmas.

Planet Noel is a winter wonderland.

With Skiing, tubing, sledding and sleigh rides there is always something to do here. Hot cider with cinnamon, hot coco with marsh mellows and flavored coffees wait for them along side warming fires when they come in from the cold.

Another favorite is tree trimming. No tree is cut down but rather the trees are decorated right were they grow. The end result is a forest of Christmas trees blinking a dazzling array of lights. The tree you trim is where you will find all your gifts Christmas morning.

If you are a nature lover this planet offers snow birds, reindeer, moose, penguins, polar bears and Yeti to name a few.Then there are the wonderful Clydesdale horses that pull the sleighs. These intelligent animals are driven by our hosts the Barnums.

Who are the Barnums? These beings are only three feet tall and have pointed ears. Skilled craftsman and artisans the Barnums live to give and to serve. Their uncanny abilities to move unseen and appear right when needed give them an almost magical quality. Their true gift is their singing. Time and again they will stop and sing a hymn. Which is all they sing. Hymns that praise the Lord. Yet there is truly something magical in their song. For you feel somehow closer to God when they sing.

A candle light service on Christmas eve is held in The Cathedral. This enormous structure is built completely from ice. Massive blocks of ice were cut using ancient stone cutting tecniques. Then they were assembled using the style of interlocking without use of structural supports. When the masons finished the artisans continued the work. From the hundreds of statues in the inner and outer courtyards to the scroll work on the pews of the sanctuary all of the ornate decorations are sculpted from ice.

The result is the most breath taking Cathedral ever built. All the Barnum’s gather here Christmas eve to Sing hymns until dawn. The sounds and effect of their singing is the most wondrous thing about Noel.

When this planet was first charted the Federation did not know what to make of it. Noel lacks any known political system. There is no government or rule of law. There are no leaders. Each Barnum seems to have only one thing guiding them which is to serve God and praise him. In fact their entire culture is centered on this. Each Barnum claims to know from birth what God desires from them and wishes nothing more than to please him.

Even the Cathedral lacks any leader or clergy. At the front of the Cathedral is a throne. On the throne is the Holy Book know as the Word of the Lord. Services consist of nothing more than singing praises to the Word of the Lord. Who the Barnum’s say will one day return again in the flesh. This is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Unable to make diplomatic headway the Vulcan science academy was brought in to study this planet and the Barnum’s culture. Most cultures build one upon another. Civilization on civilization. Here there are no cultures prior to the Barnum’s. No ancient cities in ruin. In fact they themselves record no history. There are no founding fathers or great law makers or organizers who are remembered or honored. They no nothing of a first Barnum or how their community was built. In their culture only God is important.

Their dwellings are Nordic in style. The structures remind me of king Theoden’s great halls of Rohan from Tolkiens Lord of the Rings. Long thatched roofs, stone walls and heavy wooden beams  just adds to the winter wonderland effect this place has. All of these structures surround and face the Cathedral which is at the center of all things.

Through the course of interaction with them we did learn some things.  They like their own clothing which is red and green with jingle bells sown in.  Their red and green dress along with stocking caps and pointed shoes makes one think of Santa’s elves.

The first landing party called them elves and suggested they worked for Santa. The Barnum’s became very upset. “We are Barnum’s. We work for the Lord.”

First rule… never call a Barnum an elf.

Second rule never mention Santa…Ever.

Barnum’s serve God.

The third rule we learned is everyone gives everyone a gift. One of the first groups that came for Christmas had a couple of crew members who didn’t get along. Here on Noel it is more important to give than receive. Everyone is expected to give everyone a gift. Which the Barnum’s are excellent at helping with. When these two crew members refused to exchange gifts the entire planet shut down. Every Barnum surrounded these two crew members to the point where they couldn’t move. They were not angry or hostile.

They just kept repeating one word…


When these crew members finally reconciled the Barnum’s were the happiest anyone has ever seen them.

I would record more but we have a snow ball fight with a group of Yeti scheduled shorty. Which is a lot like David vs. Goliath. Rather than capture the flag it’s capture the candy cane.

They are three feet long here. A favorite of the Yeti.

What lessons can be learned from our time on Noel?

First, put God at the center of your life. Do everything to please him.Take the time to praise him. Second, forgive others. Don’t go through the holidays with hate in your hearts. Forgive and love each other.Third, put others before yourself. It is better to give than receive.

Lastly, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.”Luke 10:27

Fill your hearts and minds with his word.

Place Christ on the thrones of your hearts.

Until next year…


May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper


Star Date 1411.05


Star Date 1411.05

It has been a good long while since I last recorded a log entry of our voyage. For those of you who actually read these articles I am sorry but work and personal responsibilities have kept us all busy so we have not been transmitting new articles or even posting announcements.

That’s not to say we haven’t been wanting too…



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King James Bible

 Read the Bible in a Year

A lot of people have asked, “whats with reading the Bible?“well the Bible is the Word of God. While I do not trust many people nor do I put much trust in the church I do believe in God and the Word as it is written. In fact I take a Berean View. I do not believe something until I have confirmed it with God through his Word. Many people question God’s existence but very few have ever taken the time to actually read whats written. If you have not taken the time I encourage you to at least read the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and see if you don’t fall in love with the truth of our Lord and his teachings.



Book of the Month

Each month we are also trying to read a book. If you read 10 pages a night before bed in a month you can finish a book. This is our book of the month. We open discussions about our current readings on Facebook and Twitter. From  now through the end of the year we are taking on a big book… Stephen Kings The Stand. With Isis and Ebola it somehow seems fitting that we should take on this wonderful book. Because of its size we will read this from now until the end of the year.



Featured Artist of the Month

Each month we feature an artist whose work that we enjoy. This month is Elvis. Why Elvis…why not? We are focusing on the Early Elvis years, his early recording with Sun records and of coarse his appeal.



Featured Film of the Month

Each month we suggest a film. Not a new film… we review those on Twitter.  On the  Blog-ship we pick an older film that we think you might enjoy and open up a discussion on Facebook.  This month with the coming of winter we picked  John Carpenters 1982 film The Thing.  As soon as it gets cold and snows I think of this movie…



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What is Patreon?

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Galileo 7 Podcast

The Galileo 7 Podcast

Our Podcast is in limbo do to funding issues. While we have everything ready to launch we are just waiting to get the hosting costs covered in order to begin transmissions. We will keep you posted…



The Hidalgo Trading Shop

We are very excited  to announce that we will finally be offering our Hyborian Strong bands in our store this month. We are looking  to  bring our logo to a T-shirt next. Also this month we will bring you our small wooden cross necklace. The minute we stock the store you will be the first to know…


engine room

New Jargon

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Klingon raiders have  made several attempts at boarding the ship. Their attempts so far have been unsuccessful.

In case you are not familiar with Klingon’s let me explain. When a moderator for a blog or site wants to draw traffic from other sites, they will post comments on other sites. When they do this they include a link to their own page. A site who is not paying attention will post the comments along with the link. This is advertising that Klings-on to a comment.

Get it… Klingons.


sling short

Operation Slingshot

Our Mission is still underway. Arriving in the early part of the 21st century will give us an opportunity to study earth. The equation for warp drive has also been developed. As our records have been lost regarding this part of Earths history our mission is to observe this period in history and record our findings.

The shuttle craft Galileo 7 will be launched to take a closer look at Earth during this period. Comm. Mark Petrie will Podcast his findings, questions and concerns. He will also lead a landing party which will be visually recorded and up loaded as Landing Party Vlogs.



From my Personal Log…

I am still your Blog-ship Captain and wacko extraordinaire. I have not forgotten my ship, my mission or you dear reader.  I have just been so busy in both my personal and professional life that things have slowed here a little. We have restored impulse power and we will be going to warp one very soon.

Until then…

May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper


Operation Sling-Shot

sling short

STAR DATE 1409.01

We have arrived home. Earth. Our mission can now be revealed. We are going to sling-shot around the sun. The effect of the suns enormous gravitational pull will propel the ship faster than can be imagined. We will be able to achieve speeds faster than any warp engine  can achieve.

If  Mr. Spock’s calculations are correct as we attempt to break away from the Suns pull we will actually be traveling backwards in time. That is if the ship can withstand the stresses of such speeds.

Mr. Scott has expressed his concerns and fears.

Mr. Sulu asked another question, can we pull away?  The gravitational pull maybe to strong for the ship to break free. We could just be pulled in and burned up on the sun. Mr.Spock is counting on the momentum. If we fire our engines at just the right time we should be able to sling-shot free.

From there we will be traveling backwards in time. Our goal is to arrive in the early part of the 21st century.

Why the early part of the 21st century?

The equation for warp drive has been developed. As our records have been lost regarding this part of Earths history our mission is to observe this period in history and record our findings.

The shuttle craft Galileo 7 will be launched to take a closer look at Earth during this period. Comm. Mark Petrie will Podcast his findings, questions and concerns. He will also lead a landing party which will be visually recorded and up loaded as Landing Party Vlogs.

If we survive Uhura will open a subspace frequency in order for you to receive our transmissions.

Until then …


May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper



Star date 1408.01

star date 1408.01

Star date 1408.01

At impulse power Mr Sulu pulled us from space dock for the first time in months.  I granted the helm indulgence as we have not been underway for some time. I then instructed Mr Chekov to plot a course for our Earth. However we are not going home.  The full  details of our next mission  is known only by a few of my senior staff members. The nature of which we can not yet reveal.

Mr Spock is working out the calculations along with Scotty who has out done himself with the latest improvements and up grades. Uhura reports that our latest transmission ” The Light of The World” has reached more people than we have ever dreamed possible.

Bones feels that we have all gotten soft in space dock and prescribed a new daily diet and exercise regiment. As well as a vitamin and protein supplements.

With our blog-ship under construction we had a lot of free time. So like most people we enjoyed our time off. So what did we do on our summer vacation?

We saw some movies…


Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

So I really didn’t think they could bring the real Cap to the screen but they did in a big way. Many people enjoyed this more than The Avengers. I have to admit for me they are equally matched. Great movie.



Godzilla 2014

Well we saw Godzilla which was awesome! Now I have encountered  people who did not like this film. Here is the real issue. This is a Godzilla film for Godzilla fans. If you did not like Godzilla movies when you were a kid this is not for you. If you are like us and loved Godzilla your going to love this film.

Dawn of the planet of the apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

There are remakes and sequels of classic movies. Most fail. Rather than attempting to remake The classic Planet of the Apes films these have been approached with a new vision. This is a great film and well worth seeing. Hail Caesar!

I read a new book…


Doc savage

Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life

This book is a biography by Philip José Farmer about our  hero Doc Savage. What makes this book different is that it is approached as though Doc was a real person. The book also links Doc to other fictional characters in the Wold Newton family.  This was expanded into what is now called the Wold Family Universe. Now available for Kindle this book is awesome!

We built a new website to support our Hobbies…


Waylow's Workshop

Waylow’s Workshop

I enjoy painting Miniatures, Figures and building models. When done well this is Art. However these art forms are dying. Like the comic shops the hobby shops are disappearing. How will the next generation learn to love these art forms the way we did? Click the image about to go to the site…

 Learning film making…


So that we can make fun YouTube videos we are learning film making with windows movie maker. We have already shot 2 films for Waylow’s Workshop. We also improved the quality of Our Story for GeekusExtremuscom. This is version 2.0. We are working on a new project now.

Finishing our Podcast…

Galileo 7 Podcast

If you hang in there it’s coming. This delay is related to our next mission. Once we reveal the mission you will understand the reason for the delay. The nice thing is that if you subscribe you can listen to our Podcasts. If you don’t you will still be able to listen right off of our site. Engineering has out done themselves.

Trek with Me…

Trek with me

Since a new director has been announced for Star Trek 3 (Roberto Orci) we thought it would be fun to review one episode a month from the TOS/TAS series as they originally aired. In order to do this I had to watch all episodes and make notes regarding each episode. This new series will start in August. The things I do for you people!


the whale

Since we are celebrating Herman Melville’s birthday this month our book of the month is Moby Dick. Considered one of the Great American Novels as well as one of the best book about the sea it is a must read. Get your copy today.



alfred hitchcock

Our featured artist is Alfred Hitchcock who is also sharing a birthday this month.  Hitchcock who is the master of suspense created a style for drawing the audience into the film.


dr. Strangelove's war room

Our film of the month is Dr. Strangelove or how I learned to love the Bomb directed by Stanley Kubrick. We have chosen this  since August marks the month the United States dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan killing over 250,000 civilians and ending the second world war. The use of these bombs ushered in the cold war and the atomic age. This film makes fun of the fear we grew up with.


King James Bible

I am also excited to share this amazing King James Bible that I recently purchased from Barnes and Nobles. This gorgeous edition contains over two hundred beautiful, rarely collected full-page illustrations by Gustave Dore. If you remember we are reading the Bible in a year. Coffee with the Lord as inspired by my Aunt Rose.  The current Bible image on our site will be replaced with this new addition.

However…our commitment to read daily is still the same.


May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper








Personal Log Stardate 1406.09

bridge TOS

The bridge is deserted. I have not seen my crew in a month. I triggered a Memorial Day message from the bridge. It was a transmission from last year. I have been on shore to long. The waiting is getting to be to much. I am restless. I can’t sleep. I shuttle from the Pier to the ship just to be able to breath.

Space dock. The ship has been over hauled.  That is the answer to where we have been for the last month. Our ship is now fully integrated and optimized for media play.

What does that mean?

It means that we can now produce both video and audio content that can be incorporated into our site. We are bigger better and sleeker than ever and in the coming weeks you are gonna love what you see.

It means if you are a subscriber you need to actually visit our site. Listening to our Podcasts and watching our YouTube video is now possible right off our site.

To our dismay we did hit a snag in the development of our Podcast app. To have the app we have to charge for it. This has to do with a sharing arrangement both with our hosting company and our app syndicates.

We are trying to keep the price to a one time fee or just a few dollars for life. If we can reach that agreement then we will move forward. You will still be able to listen off of our site for free as we have integrated a media player for this purpose. The RSS is a free means as well.

However, if you like the podcast you can help promote it by actually purchasing the app. We get a small percent of each sale that will help us to cover the cost of the hosting. We will send out an alert for that purpose.

We also have a webcam  which means we can now do videos. Since we want the content to differ from what we do here we are thinking, brain storming and watching what chimps do with crayons.

Chimps do nasty things with crayons by the way.

The real question is what to do with this free time. Maybe I will go see Godzilla again that was awesome.

May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper





Captain’s Log Star Date 1404.26

KirkIn just a few days we celebrate our first year in Cyberspace. This last month the crew was pulled  from their normal duties and reassigned in order to help ensure we are ready to commemorate this mile stone. We also granted a little shore leave…

Enterprise TOS Bridge 2Engineering has finished our Bridge. This is now a static page that welcomes you and familiarizes you with the inner workings of our ship. From here you will still be able to go everywhere and see everything. Since the side bar is always changing we suggest that subscribers visit the bridge at least once a month.

quartermasterOur Quartermaster patch has gotten a lot of attention. We really liked this and we have adopted this as our stamp of approval on all that we review in our Q articles. The patch is the symbol for this station. So say we all…(BSG?)

spockThis months FAQ is: When will you finish your Into Darkness review? We will publish the next part in May.

uhuraUhura is here to remind everyone that we are holding a subscription drive this month. You can subscribe through our RSS feed or Email. Please take the time to subscribe. We are working hard to be the best Ship in cyberspace.

martianchronicles1Many on our crew have been overwhelmed with added responsibilities do to our one year celebration. They want the chance to finish this months book the Martian Chronicles. Since they are the hardest working crew in the fleet we said the only thing we could say…permission granted. Mays book is the Martian Chronicles.

starSince we love Ray he is our featured artist for the month. If you get the chance take the time and get to know Ray and his work.

filmMacready has insisted that this months film be John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi horror classic The Thing. I saw this film the day it opened. It blew me away. In fact I am waiting for it to show up at the Music Box theater to see it again on the big screen.The Holy BibleDraw near to God and He will draw near to you. James 4:8

You may have read that in our Easter article. The point here is that it is true. These truths are revealed to us in Gods word. Taking a few minutes out each day in order to put these words in your heart is the best investment in time you could ever make. Start your Bible reading today…

kirksPeople love the Jargon we have been using here on the Ship. In order to keep you up to speed with the latest we will report any new terms that we use here on board the Ship. Our latest is Communicators. This refers to people who view our site from their mobile phones. Please keep in mind that what you receive on your communicator is only a small portion of what appears on our home screen.


We have held back the release of our first podcast to celebrate our first year in Cyberspace. Beginning in May Commander Mark Petrie will begin his transmissions from on board the Galileo 7. We can’t wait to make this announcement.


cropped-ghjjgjghj.pngYou have seen the store logo on our viewscreen. We love the design and can’t wait to put it on a shirt. This is just one of the items we are going to sell in the gift shop.

TTTWe have 7,852 likes on Facebook all because of you. We are hoping to see that number reach 10,000 by the end of May. With your help we know we will. We also want to hear what you thing about our articles. Please comment.

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emailYou can subscribe through email from the Bridge…

feedYou can subscribe to our RSS feed from the bridge…

uhuraHailing frequencies are open so subscribe today…


From my personal log

DSC00658I can not believe it has been a year already. People are amazed at how much has been accomplished. I can’t help but feel that we should be further ahead. But I am glad to be here. When you see Wacko Jack you are hearing directly from me. He is my Gravatar. This is a globally recognized avatar. He is what I substitute for a selfy. He is the admin for this site.

Wacko Jack is a Lego figure. I am using him as a substitute for my own image. So to answer your question…No,  I am not right in the head.

May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper







Captain’s Log Star Date 1404.01

KirkOur Maiden Voyage was on 1305.01 it’s had to believe it has been  a year. The crew rebounded last month from the BSG virus to produce a new article for every station. It appears that bones was right and that these things just have to run their course.

This first year has been a learning experience. While we still make the occasional typo and a link or two may not go as planned we are getting better at what we do. As Captain I am proud of my Blog-ship and my crew and what we have accomplished over the last year.


TTTAs we post each article we open up discussions on our Facebook page so we can get your feed back. We also throw up images that will appear on the site and open discussions to topics we have an interest in. Right now we have  7,900 likes. We are hoping to reach the 10,000 mark by April first.Tell everyone to click that like button and help us reach our goal.



We have reached our 200th Tweet…If you don’t want to subscribe by email you can follow us on twitter. New articles are announced as they post. Twitter is our Batsignal. At first we did not really enjoy twitter and now we love it.


youtubeOur crew training films are in post production. learning new ways to create the styles we want takes time. However I am sure you will enjoy them when we finish. Please remember all of this is new for us.


feedIf you want to can subscribe to our feed burner. A lot of people still don’t understand the benefits of this technology. We are going to do a training video to demonstrate the advantages of this service.


emailYou can still received our posts in your email. Don’t worry we do not sell, lease, rent, share, borrow or loan our contact lists. Don’t miss a single article subscribe now!


11We have held off broadcasting to be able to produce this first podcast in May as part of our one year celebration. This thing has really taken off and has a mind of it’s own.Stay tuned for Commander Mark Petrie’s launch and Podcast.


ghjjgjghjEveryone loves our logo ! We will have an inventory next month to Celebrate  first year in cyberspace. Thank you for having patience with us. As you know we don’t sell ad space so the cost is coming out of our pockets to get everything done. We will get there just stay with us.


1701On our bridge we feature articles that people said they enjoyed. Each month these featured articles will change to keep things fresh and new. We will also be trying new topics like we have with featured artist. So if you subscribe through email or use a mobile device to access our site please take the time to visit us each week and a computer since there is so much to see and do on our bridge.


The Holy BibleReading the Bible in a Year…A lot of people have said that they wishes they had started when we started in January. Our start was to give everyone a beginning date. If you did not start when we started you can start any time. We are encouraging everyone to start a course in daily study. This is our campaign. It doesn’t matter when you start as long as you start. If you want to start click Rosy’s Bible and we will give you helpful suggestions.


martianchronicles1Aprils book of the month is Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles. This book is actually a book of short stories that follows the colonization of Mars. Ray had written so many stories about Mars that when be went through his files he realized he had unknowingly written an entire history of Mars. Published in 1950 the book is filled with both our early hopes and fears about the red planet. One of these is as a result of early telescope observations of Mars by astronomers.What appeared to be straight lines on the planet led observers to believe that there were canals cut into the surface of the planet. This lead to peoples beliefs that there was life on Mars. Your gonna love this book get your copy today…


filmOur Cinephile articles in the Fortress of Solitude have been very well received. Since there are so many films that we love we are going to suggest films from the past that we think you might love. Each month we will link a new film suggestion to this image along with the films title. This will appear on the Bridge  (our Home Page). These will not be reviews just suggestions.Look for this in April.


g-ent-130104-kirk_380;380;7;70;0On a personal note:

A dedication plaque will be added next month to the Bridge. One full year of service has earned us the right of remembrance. This vessel was commissioned to explore and study that which is alien in our universe. There is so much out there and so much to explore and report on it is beyond most peoples understanding.The best we can hope to do is to continue to report on those things that we believe will improve the quality of our lifes.

May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper


Captain’s Log Star Date 1403.07


In February our ship fell to an infection. The virus was the  Battlestar Galactica series on Netflix (2004-2009). The crew simply could not function. McCoy could not find an answer. While debilitating there was nothing medical could do. The BSG virus simply had to run its course.

As a result we are behind in all stations. In fact we dd not finish our book of the month so our book for March is still Frankenstein. If you finished the read then use this month as an open reading month. However be ready because we are coming at you hard next month.

The BSG virus impacted our on-line store, YouTube and our Podcast the worst. All of these stations suffered a complete shutdown.

I feel I owe a bigger explanation so here goes…

viperFrom watching BSG I really fell in love with the Viper MK II fighter ship. Moebius Models issued a 1/32 scale version of the ship. So immediately I started looking at videos of various builds. These expanded into weathering technics, working with photo-etch and of course lighting. If you recall in our Elementary articles we have discussed the idea of teaching yourself new things. Being an autodidact I get lost in the learning process and abandon everything at times.

Like our hero Doc Savage I retreat to the Fortress of Solitude in order to pursue my interests. The urban slang for this is Going Off Grid. The problem is the entire Blog-Ship went with me.

This lost time is being referred to as the BSG Virus. While there are still traces left  we are coming around.



facebookOur followers on Facebook are members with an Extremus View © As we roll out our podcast we will posting images of our discussions and looking for member feed back. WE have loaded our new graphic designs here as well. Please give us your feed back. Comment freely please. Currently we have over 6,000 likes so thank you all…

_________________________________________________________________________twitterOur Twitter followers are members of the Extremus Nation © Our nation is now over 12,000 strong. We still announce new posts here. Twitter is our Bat signal. However you are going to start seeing more personal Tweets, points of interest and observations. Join us and share…


youtubeYou Extremus View © members have put us over the top. Dare I say 33,000 views in less than a month…crazy goodness…and much thanks. We have more in production including Crew training films so stay tuned. Also our channel recommends are going to start moving so subscribe now.



Our Blog-Ship is still on its mission and all readers are considered EXTREMUS CREW © We will continue to explore and report those alien elements in life that make things so much fun. Fear not dear reader we will continue to blogblogitty on board the UCS Geekus Extremus as long as you continue reading. Subscribe and enjoy the ride.


11The Podcast is half done and as you can see we are ready for our own app. The idea here is to not only produce an entertaining Podcast but one that opens up areas of discussion. Facebook is the perfect forum for all of you to voice your opinions and for us to share our in sites and ideas. Stay tuned for Commander Mark Petrie’s launch and Podcast.


ghjjgjghjThis is our store logo. We love it and hope to see all of our Extremus Wear © carrying this logo. Currently the site is open and products are being designed and ordered. The entire store will operate on PayPal only. So you can use a credit card or your PayPal account and know your transactions are safe. The store is to help cover the cost of running the site and the Podcast. 100% will be reinvested in our mission in Cyberspace.


1701Our ship has also gone though a large number of changes. Our bridge has been reworked and the areas that are normally sold as advertising are now links to our works, information pages and featured articles. Engineering will continue their work until our Ship is fast and user-friendly. If you are receiving our posts via email we encourage you to visit the ship once a week to see our changes.


The Holy BibleReading the Bible in a Year…A lot of people have said that they wishes they had started when we started in January. Our start was to give everyone a beginning date. If you did not start when we started you can start any time. We are encouraging everyone to start a course in daily study. This is our campaign. It doesn’t matter when you start as long as you start. If you want to start click Rosy’s Bible and we will give you helpful suggestions.


Annex - Karloff, Boris (Bride of Frankenstein, The)_06

Our book of the month is still Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This is a book well worth the read and the BSG virus kept us from it.  If you finished it use this month as an open reading month. In April we read The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury so be ready.


A personal note:

So yes I can become so consumed by something that I will lose all concept of time. It’s like a fever that over takes me and I become consumed. I have been like this my entire life and it hasn’t slowed with age. This is why when Doc’s fortress is described as a place where he goes to lose himself in his studies and experiments I can completely understand.

Tony Stark’s garage is another example. He goes there and loses himself to the world around him. I believe everyone has that thing that they love to do. That thing that carry’s them away from the world. Some people fish or hunt or golf. Maybe its playing an instrument or gardening. Everyone has something.

So you will all have to forgive me for…well…being me!

May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper