What is Geekus Extremus ?


Geekus Extremus is my own looney Binomial Nomenclature for my social class.


Binomial Nomenclature anyone ?

Every Saturday morning my father would wake my brother and I up to come watch his favorite cartoons with him. (Yes…you read that correctly.) Racing across the screen came the roadrunner. His image would freeze frame and beneath would be a looney scientific name like ( Hot-Rodicus Supersonicus). Not far behind, usually with a knife and a fork, came the half- starved coyote ( Eatibus Anythingus). Binomial Nomenclature in the simplest terms is the fancy name for a scientific name. For example, Panthea Leo is the scientific name for an African lion. Proper scientific names are  given in two parts either in Greek or Latin. The first part being the genes and the second part the species.

Lets see how the looney Latin of my own binomial Nomenclature  breaks down shall we?

GEEKUS looney Latin for geek (GÊK) – noun social slang. Geek was a term initially used for a sideshow freak. A less than human socially unacceptable person. This term was reintroduced to define computer experts who were overly intellectual and socially unacceptable. This term has since expanded to include overly intellectual individuals whose pursuits, interests and hobbies fall drastically outside the norm leaving them socially unacceptable.

EXTREMUS looney Latin for extremis (IK-STREE-MIZ) – noun comic slang. Originally extremis was a military nanotechnology serum ( yes… another attempt at the super soldier serum) that is completely programmable prior to injection. In the Invincible Iron Man Stark uses it to make his armours internal control sheath part of his body. This allows him to neurologically jack into his armour, computers, satellites,etc. He is Iron Man EXTREME. This term has been expanded to include individuals who desire to pursue their intellectual pursuits, interests or hobbies to an extreme by fully jacking into who they are and enjoying their lives with no regard for what the world thinks of them.

So I am Geekus Extremus but are you?




”  I know I’m geek. And if you were all these things then you’d just attack me right now, so some of you are still Geeks- (RJ MacReady, helicopter pilot, US outpost 31)


If you understand this reference chances are you are a  Geek.

If you new this picture is a composite of two different scenes then you are a super Geek.

But are you Geekus Extremus ? Take the test below…



1. If you walk in the snow in your slippers… you leave wookie prints.

2. When you put on your hooded bathrobe in the mirror you see a Jedi.

3. Your glove box contains a multipurpose tool that looks like a sonic screwdriver.

4. You say “atomic Batteries to power… Turbines to speed” every time you start your car.

5. You list your subscription to Marvel Unlimited in your house hold budget as a need and not  a want.

6. When it’s casual day at work, rather than wearing an authentic football or baseball jersey (like your co-workers) you are the only one in a vintage Star Trek (TOS) command shirt.

7. Your ATM code is the same as Reliants’ Command Console.(16309)

8. When shopping for a new hoodie you think…Enzio or Altair ?

9. You wish Hatori Hanzo made kitchen cutlery.

10. Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel and pour it into a champagne  goblet. You know it’s name, right ? I’ll give you a clue “Shaken, not stirred”

11. why does your coffee mug say C8-H10-N4-O2…?

12. Speaking of coffee you feel the same as Sheriff Jim Hopper about mornings.

13. You “Tweeked” your Lembas bread recipe by doubling the amount of honey.

14. When you saw the 1982 film Conan the Barbarian you thought Thoth-Amon not Thulsa Doom right ?

15.  Every time you hear the 23 psalm you think of Tom Cullens’ version from THE STAND and you smile.

16. After being fitted for your first pair of transitionals, you web searched ” just to see” if the Tyrell Corporation was offering alternatives.

17. When Dr. King Shultz reveals to Calvin Candie that Dumas was black, you clarified to your friends by explaining that his father was white and that his mother was creole like the slaves on Louis de Pointe du Lac’s indigo plantation in New Orleans.

18. You new Prometheus was not a prequel because LV426 is not LV223 so why the drama right?

19. You new that when John’s blog included that his subject ” doesn’t know that the earth goes around the sun”  that this was actually part of traditional canon and not just created for the Great game.

20.  Thanks to Mr. Darrel Dixon your “GOOD BAG” now includes an additional item.

So how did you do? some were easy and some were hard, but Fun right?



Ok so what is Geekus Extremus a blog-ship in cyberspace?

Imagine if you where receiving a monthly magazine. You would see cover art and pictures that supported the articles, messages for the Editor, then sections on religion, philosophy, business, health, home, socializing, gizmos, hobbies and interests, personal style, travel and events. Maybe even a few reviews of books and films. We just GEEKED and TWEEKED our would be magazine site into a Blog-Ship.


What is a Blog-ship?

Well I am a huge fan of the original series Star Trek. So we pretend that this website is actually a ship or Cyberspace Ship which is traveling through Cyberspace. We are explorers reporting on alien cultures we encounter.

What do we mean by Alien?

If you were blessed with good parents, you learned to survive in life from them. They were your models and you patterned your life after their lessons and examples. But as you grew up you realized there were things that they didn’t know or that you didn’t learn. These are ideas  and concepts are Alien to you.

Get it… Aliens

We learn first by modeling ourselves after others. Mimicking what we don’t know. Then by adapting these ideas and concepts we turn them into our own methods. From here these become personal skill sets that we add to our tool boxes. If we are willing to learn we can keep adding skills the rest of our lives.

In an effort to improve myself and my life I have devoted myself to different areas of study. I divided these areas of learning into different categorizes. We pretend that these areas of study are different stations on board the Ship (Website).

Each month I produce articles or posts on all different subjects or areas of study.  These articles are placed into different sections or stations as we call them. Similar to the way a monthly magazine has different sections religion, philosophy, business, health, home, socializing, gizmos, hobbies and interests, personal style, travel and events. However mine are based on my successes and failures with alien concepts.

Yes, I am this big of a Geek.

The titles for these sections or stations may seem strange at first but if you look closely the topics will be familiar. For example the 86th floor is about the business of your personal and professional life.

So our website is about learning new concepts and ideas that help us in life. However that sounds boring. So instead we are a Blog-Ship in cyberspace reporting on encounters with alien concepts and cultures.

See how much more exciting that is…



Enterprise TOS Bridge 2

The Stations

Above you will find all different categories like Fortress of Solitude. These are the sections of our E-zine. However we refer to them as the stations. Just like the different stations on the Enterprise. Each station has different articles on different subjects. The following is to help you become more familiar with our ship…





CAPTAIN’S LOG Rather than an editors page or just throwing up a selfy and posting once a week I thought it would be more fun if  Kirk addressed you through his captains log. He will keep you alerted to changes and things of interest happening on board. I also collect Kirk figures so you will see different images from time to time.


The Holy Bible

BEING BEREAN is about learning the truth of Jesus Christ the Lord our God. This is not the truth as man or even the church teaches it but as God reveals it through his word. Articles we post here address Apostasy, Apologetics, Theology and reason to name a few.



ELEMENTARY- Is about thinking, reasoning, learning, studying and philosophy. I am not sure if being an autodidact is a blessing or a curse but it’s who I am. I believe if that a person can learn anything if they try and I spend a lot of time learning and learning about learning if you follow me. I am also a Holmesian and Sherlockian so we will talk about this also.


THE 86TH FLOOR- I am a huge Doc Savage fan. Doc ran the business of his personal and professional life off of the 86th floor of an undisclosed New York skyscraper. The posts from here are about the business of life. Both personal and Professional.


IN A HOLE- The Hobbit, more so than any other book I have ever read,  gave me a true sense of the love a person has for their home. A place in the world to call your own. The roof over your head. The place where you are safe and warm. Your comfy chair and your nice warm bed. Wishing you were in your Kitchen fixing eggs. In a Hole is about home.

shaken, not Stirred

SHAKEN, NOT STIRREDis about being our own individual selves, apart from the herd. If you have ever read a Ian Fleming novel then you know James Bond does nothing like the rest of us. He is his own person, with his own way of doing everything. In Shaken, Not Stirred we are going to discuss how to be our own individual selves, to find our own ways and how to customize our lives.


THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE-  Long before there was a Superman, before there was a Batman there was our hero Doc Savage. And yes comic fans he is the source material for most of the great aspects of our favorite comics. One of these concepts is the lair, the place to retreat to… the Fortress of Solitude. Doc Savages’ Fortress of Solitude  was constructed by him and a team member Renny ( yes before the Avengers and X-men Doc had a specialized team). Large sections were fabricated and the materials and construction crews were then airlifted on huge cargo planes to a remote area of the Arctic where the great dome was constructed. The Fortress served as a retreat where Doc could go to spend long uninterrupted periods of time studying, experimenting  and pursuing his interests. For our purposes, the Fortress of Solitude is where we will discuss the things that interest us… our studies , experiments, hobbies and interests and where we go to retreat from the outside world in order to pursue them.


ENTMOOT- is about how we should we interact with one another, as friends, as family, as neighbors, as coworkers, as countrymen ? What responsibilities does engaging the world as a believer bring and how do we handle them? Oh, did I mention that I am introverted? This should be fun…


Q  In Skyfall we learned that Q is Quartermaster. As your Quartermaster I will share the gizmos, gadgets and Apps that I have found really useful and that I have made essential in my daily living. All are field tested.


TO BOLDLY GO-is about going places and doing the things that we love and enjoy. However I am an introverted home body.I don’t like crowds. I’m not crazy about meeting new people. If invited somewhere I will just say no because it easier and less stress. But life must be lived. To Boldly Go is now about entering society and facing my fears of others.

Hyborian Strong (2)

HYBORIAN STRONGis about my effort to get healthy. For our purposes its about health and fitness. Understand I am a couch potato so this is new for me.