Batman vs Superman

Captain’s Log Star Date 1507.11


Lt. Uhura has received the following video transmission. The ship has been placed on yellow alert. The point of origin of the transmission is Earth. Sensors indicate the transmission emanated from an area known as San Diego. Upon viewing an emergency meeting was called in the Daystrom Conference Room to assess what we had just seen. Present are  Lt. Uhura, Ensign Chekov, Mr. Sulu, Mr.Scott, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and myself. What follows is a transcript of the audio that was recorded into the ship’s computer banks. We have included a copy of the transmission as well.


Kirk: “We you have all seen it…assessments?”

McCoy: “I have seen it but I still don’t believe it…”

Kirk: “Mr. Spock?”

Spock: ” facial and voice recognition confirms it…that is B-”

Scotty: “Aye, we know… but I can’t believe me eyes!”

Chekov: I traced the Source signal. It  was nine five wicktor wicktor two.

Kirk: I didn’t call on you Scotty or you either Chekov. Mr. Spock was speaking. Everyone raise your hands and wait to be called on. Yes Lt. Uhura?

Uhura: “I have to pee…”

Kirk: Proceed LT.

Kirk: “You all remember the rules. Mr. Spock please continue…”

Spock: It appears that acclaimed director Zack Snyder has made a brilliant casting choice.

McCoy: “Brilliant you call that brilliant?”

Spock: “Mr. Snyder simply has a way of using actors to achieve the results he wants.”


Kirk: “BONES!”

McCoy: “My God Jim listen to what he’s saying”

Sulu: “Commander Spock has lost his mind.”

Kirk: Lt. Uhura you don’t have to raise your hands to return to the table.

Uhura: I just want everyone to see I wash my hands after using the latrine not like you nasty boys.

Scotty: you mean somthin’ is effecting Spock’s Brain?

Chekov: “I know this one…I know this one… Season 3 episode 1 right?”

Sulu: “That’s right ”

McCoy: “give that man a cee-gar!”

Uhura: “why did I have the same bathroom lines as in what’s Ben Afflected?”

Kirk: “so you could say It’s Mrs. Uhura if your nasty…”

Uhura: “you like that don’t you?”

Kirk: “so whats up with you and Spock?”

Spock: “Captain it is not the time of the Pon Farr.”

Sulu: ” he’s still hot for her after that kiss.”

Scotty: ” Aye, he doesn’t remember.”

McCoy: ” He’s re-boot Kirk.”

Scotty: ” well there has been no dust in my transporter lately.”

Chekov: “Maybe it was the sling-shot around the sun?”

Scotty: “it’s usually the transporter. Captain do you like vintage beasty boys?”

Sulu: “Does Khan have long hair or short?”

Kirk: “let’s get back on topic.  Mr. Spock…”

Spock: “Ben Affleck appears to be a good representation of Batman. That is all that I am saying.”

Kirk: “Mr. Spock that is not the reason for this meeting.”

McCoy: ” Vulcan logic. He thought we meant Ben Affleck.”

Sulu: “I’ve been good with Ben since he apologized for Daredevil.”

Uhura: “His Vulcan mind can’t see it.”

Spock: ” admittedly the human mind confuses me at times. If we are not here over the casting of Batman then why are we here?”

Kirk: “Spock…Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor… really?”



May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper







Mission Revealed


We have achieved WARP DRIVE  and are well under way.  As we return to the milky way the crew is excited to learn the nature of our Mission.  Phase one of Operation Slingshot was a success. We have arrived early in the 21st century.

After our short Christmas stop over at Noel Mr.Chekov has been instructed to plot a course for Earths moon. We will take up a position on the Moons dark-side in order to go unobserved. From there we will launch the Shuttlecraft Galileo 7 in order to get a closer look to Earth.

This period in Earths history has been lost to us and as a result we are here to observer the development of Warp drive. We have arrived in the period just after the warp equation has proven .

We are also looking forward to seeing first hand this period in Earths history and the struggles this time period is facing.

Commander Mark Petrie will transmit his finding as well as impressions on a subspace channel (Podcast) from on board the Galileo 7. By monitoring Earths transmissions he will learn of the culture and politics and the people from this period.

We may even attempt a landing party. These videos transmissions will be uploaded on a separate subspace channel (YouTube) as Landing Party Vlogs.

We are looking forward to seeing Earth in this time period first hand. Stay tuned for further updates and as always…


May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper


The One Book




Hopefully you have read the Bible with us last year. If you have not take the time to start a daily devotion then I suggest you start with us on January 07, 2015.

The Holy Bible

Click the Bible to read more…


The one book every believer should take the time to read is the Bible. Amazingly I am often asked which version or translation do I think is best or which do I read.  To be honest I will only read a true word-for-word translation. Of these there are only two I can recommend. One is the King James Version. The other is The New American Standard Version.

The King James version does tend to be more difficult to read or understand at times do to the old English.  So for my own use I use the New American Standard Version.

The quote below best defines the differences in modern translations…

“…Ultimately, what separates the New American Standard Bible from the various available versions is that the NASB is a literal word-for-word translation from the original languages. In contrast, the others stress either a loose, personalized paraphrase, or a free-style, thought-for-thought translation known as a dynamic equivalent. Both of these place the highest priority on ease of reading and a lower priority on word-for-word preciseness. While such versions may produce smooth English, the literalness of the Word of God is sacrificed. This has never been an option for the New American Standard Bible.”

I love this  quote because I believe these  loose translation are opening the door to apostasy . You know how we hate apostasy.

…For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. 2 Tim 4:3-5 NASB

For you to see more clearly here are a few passages from two different translations. Let’s see how they compare…

Matt. 25:31 NIV When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his throne in heavenly glory. (note: ‘heavenly’ is not in the Greek, but is certainly theologically suggestive from the perspective of the translator)

Matt. 25:31 NASB But when the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, then He will sit on His glorious throne.

Phil. 3:14 NIV I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. (note: ‘heavenward’ is certainly not the direction of believers, since Paul is talking about the future resurrection of the faithful)

Phil. 3:14 NASB I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

John 16:28 NIV “I came from the Father and entered the world; now I am leaving the world and going back to the Father.” (note: the Greek does not say ‘back’, which suggests preexistence when it is not in the text)

John 16:28 NASB “I came forth from the Father and have come into the world; I am leaving the world again and going to the Father.”

John 20:17 NIV Jesus said, “Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet returned to the Father. (again, the Greek does not say ‘going back’ – pushing the preexistence issue)

John 20:17 NASB Jesus said to her, “Stop clinging to Me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father”

Romans 10:16 NIV But not all the Israelites accepted the good news. (‘Israelites’ is not in the Greek)

Romans 10:16 NASB However, they did not all heed the good news.

Hopefully you see why you need the true Word of God. The only way to stop apostasy is to put the Word of God in the hearts and minds of those who believe.  Everyone needs to have a clear understanding of God’s Word.

This is not about the Blog-ship… for us it’s personal.

May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper



Demystifying Prayer: The House of God


My grandmother lived close to her church. Several times a week she would go there and pray. More if someone in the family was sick. If something was really troubling she would ask the priest to pray for her or with her. I loved my grandmother. She believed in God and in our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

My grandma was a product of the mysticism that surrounds the church, the priest, prayer and God.  This mysticism is a false substitute for the sound understanding of doctrine. One of these points is the theological understanding of omnipresence.

“Where can I go from your Spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence? If I ascend into heaven, you are there; if I make my bed in hell, behold, you are there; if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me. If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,” even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.” (Psalm 139:7-12)

God is spirit. God’s spirit is everywhere. Everything is immediately in Gods presence. There is no where in the framework of creation that God is not present. God therefore is omnipresent.

While King David wrote this psalm lets look at another passage where God speaks of his own nature.

“‘Am I a God near at hand,’ says the Lord, ‘and not a God afar off? Can anyone hide himself in secret places, so I shall not see him?’ . . . ‘do I not fill heaven and earth?’ says the Lord?” (Jeremiah 23:23,24)

So why is it that so many people around the world go to church in order to speak to God?

The impression is that you are in Gods presence when you go to church. That the church is hollowed ground. But where does this idea come from? Why do we as Christians allow this false depiction to continue?

Well the answer can be found in the early  Christian churches. The Greek temples which were said to house the spirit of a given deity is where you went to pray to that deity. The priests that served in that deities temple would teach of that deity and of how you win their favor.

The Romans like the Greeks worshiped in the same manor. They  built new temples or templum.  Foreign temples were left but were call fanum. In Roman society you were free to worship in a fanum so long as you honored and worshiped the gods of the empire in a templum.

Throughout history pagan temples were destroyed or built over in order to usher in a new deity. With the rise of Christianity we see these pagan temples converted rather than destroyed.

Unfortunately it appears that these new Christians were tainted by hundreds of years of cultural practices. No longer calling them temples (since this smacked of paganry) they called their places of worship cathedrals or churches.

The problem…temples were seen as call boxes to contact deities. Churches and Cathedrals were seen the same way. The churches rather than correcting these misguided theological points instead encouraged them. In fact this belief continues to this day.

How often do we see in films or on television desperate people who go into a church or cathedral in order to pray or speak to God?

From Paul Newman in Cool hand Luke to the cast of the Walking Dead. This false perception has continued since antiquity. The real question is why does the church allow a false perception?

What is more important your number of members or the truth of God?

Truth: God by his own words is everywhere at all times. He would have to be to be God. If God is everywhere then we are always in his presence. Then we are always before God. That means you can pray anytime anywhere.

So then you must ask yourself the question does God honor where you go to pray?

Truth: God is more concerned for what is in your heart when you pray.

Believe this…

God hears you. Whether you are on the top of a mountain or at the bottom of the sea…God hears you. Even if you are on the moon.

In fact he knows what you will ask of him before  you ask.

To be God he would have to.

Until next time…

May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper






Docking in the Navidad sector of the Alpha Quadrant above a Class L planet, shore leave has been granted and all ashore has been called freeing all crew members from their duties and responsibilities. This planets name and arctic climate makes it a crew favorite for celebrating Christmas.

Planet Noel is a winter wonderland.

With Skiing, tubing, sledding and sleigh rides there is always something to do here. Hot cider with cinnamon, hot coco with marsh mellows and flavored coffees wait for them along side warming fires when they come in from the cold.

Another favorite is tree trimming. No tree is cut down but rather the trees are decorated right were they grow. The end result is a forest of Christmas trees blinking a dazzling array of lights. The tree you trim is where you will find all your gifts Christmas morning.

If you are a nature lover this planet offers snow birds, reindeer, moose, penguins, polar bears and Yeti to name a few.Then there are the wonderful Clydesdale horses that pull the sleighs. These intelligent animals are driven by our hosts the Barnums.

Who are the Barnums? These beings are only three feet tall and have pointed ears. Skilled craftsman and artisans the Barnums live to give and to serve. Their uncanny abilities to move unseen and appear right when needed give them an almost magical quality. Their true gift is their singing. Time and again they will stop and sing a hymn. Which is all they sing. Hymns that praise the Lord. Yet there is truly something magical in their song. For you feel somehow closer to God when they sing.

A candle light service on Christmas eve is held in The Cathedral. This enormous structure is built completely from ice. Massive blocks of ice were cut using ancient stone cutting tecniques. Then they were assembled using the style of interlocking without use of structural supports. When the masons finished the artisans continued the work. From the hundreds of statues in the inner and outer courtyards to the scroll work on the pews of the sanctuary all of the ornate decorations are sculpted from ice.

The result is the most breath taking Cathedral ever built. All the Barnum’s gather here Christmas eve to Sing hymns until dawn. The sounds and effect of their singing is the most wondrous thing about Noel.

When this planet was first charted the Federation did not know what to make of it. Noel lacks any known political system. There is no government or rule of law. There are no leaders. Each Barnum seems to have only one thing guiding them which is to serve God and praise him. In fact their entire culture is centered on this. Each Barnum claims to know from birth what God desires from them and wishes nothing more than to please him.

Even the Cathedral lacks any leader or clergy. At the front of the Cathedral is a throne. On the throne is the Holy Book know as the Word of the Lord. Services consist of nothing more than singing praises to the Word of the Lord. Who the Barnum’s say will one day return again in the flesh. This is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Unable to make diplomatic headway the Vulcan science academy was brought in to study this planet and the Barnum’s culture. Most cultures build one upon another. Civilization on civilization. Here there are no cultures prior to the Barnum’s. No ancient cities in ruin. In fact they themselves record no history. There are no founding fathers or great law makers or organizers who are remembered or honored. They no nothing of a first Barnum or how their community was built. In their culture only God is important.

Their dwellings are Nordic in style. The structures remind me of king Theoden’s great halls of Rohan from Tolkiens Lord of the Rings. Long thatched roofs, stone walls and heavy wooden beams  just adds to the winter wonderland effect this place has. All of these structures surround and face the Cathedral which is at the center of all things.

Through the course of interaction with them we did learn some things.  They like their own clothing which is red and green with jingle bells sown in.  Their red and green dress along with stocking caps and pointed shoes makes one think of Santa’s elves.

The first landing party called them elves and suggested they worked for Santa. The Barnum’s became very upset. “We are Barnum’s. We work for the Lord.”

First rule… never call a Barnum an elf.

Second rule never mention Santa…Ever.

Barnum’s serve God.

The third rule we learned is everyone gives everyone a gift. One of the first groups that came for Christmas had a couple of crew members who didn’t get along. Here on Noel it is more important to give than receive. Everyone is expected to give everyone a gift. Which the Barnum’s are excellent at helping with. When these two crew members refused to exchange gifts the entire planet shut down. Every Barnum surrounded these two crew members to the point where they couldn’t move. They were not angry or hostile.

They just kept repeating one word…


When these crew members finally reconciled the Barnum’s were the happiest anyone has ever seen them.

I would record more but we have a snow ball fight with a group of Yeti scheduled shorty. Which is a lot like David vs. Goliath. Rather than capture the flag it’s capture the candy cane.

They are three feet long here. A favorite of the Yeti.

What lessons can be learned from our time on Noel?

First, put God at the center of your life. Do everything to please him.Take the time to praise him. Second, forgive others. Don’t go through the holidays with hate in your hearts. Forgive and love each other.Third, put others before yourself. It is better to give than receive.

Lastly, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.”Luke 10:27

Fill your hearts and minds with his word.

Place Christ on the thrones of your hearts.

Until next year…


May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper


The Lotus Eaters

The Lotus Eaters

lately I seem to be content with doing nothing. I have no guilt or shame or sense of longing. Those goals that I have set for myself seem to be off at a safe distance. They are there if I wish to return to them. Right now I am content with doing nothing. As life moves around me I seem indifferent to it all. Duties, responsibilities hell even my enemy Chores has fallen to the wayside. Like Odysseus’s men  I have fallen in with the lotus eaters. I have eaten the sweet fruit of indifference and seem to care for nothing more than more indifference.

Now those of you who actually read these posts are thinking ” Limbo you’re in Limbo man.”  No this is not limbo. I know limbo. Limbo feels different. It smells different. You see when I am in Limbo I know I am there. In the land of the lotus eaters I had no awareness. Time stopped. A day became a week became a month.

Maybe it’s the big D…you know Depression?

Well in a word…NO.

Being a student of thinking and Philosophy I am familiar with the tenants of Psychology. As such I also know there are hundreds of schools of thought on the human mind and human behavior. These are all Philosophy not actual science. Their measurements are based on percentages of observed groups. Their treatments are the same. Based on whatever school of thought or Philosophy the clinician subscribes to is how they will perceive your need for treatment. More importantly I know how I feel when I’m depressed. This was not one of those times.

So what is the root cause?

Well until recently I have been extremely busy. Which is OK. Busy for me is good. I like busy. My intensity was great and I was passionate about my projects. I am of course referring to this site and the new site

Somewhere somehow the lotus seemed to take the reins propelling me into an almost euphoric state of indifference. I would like to tell you the time and date It first took hold but the truth is I am not really sure.

In fact it’s a lot like driving.

There you are on the highway with miles ahead of you. The road is hypnotic and you withdraw into your own thoughts. Then you are at your exit with no real memory of the drive or the road or for that matter of your own thoughts. Time  folds in on its self.

Somehow you are just there.

Artists, that is individuals with artist sensibilities tend to be self-absorbed introspective introverts who view the world from a different point of perception. Usually at a distance. A comfortable distance. A safe distance.

Its is easy to sit down and begin writing and lose myself for the day. Duties, responsibilities and yes even people fall by the way side. In the same way I can pick up a paint brush and begin a project and loose preservative completely.

Please observe that I never said that I was a good artist, that is a writer or for that matter a painter. I am just explaining an artistic sensibility. Knowing this I built into my life parameters so that I don’t lose myself completely. I am never so consumed with sensibilities that I can not find my way back. There are always bread crumbs to follow.

Yet I fell. Not as a result of self-absorbed endeavors. I fell to the hypnotic road that stretched out  before me. I fell to the mundane world around me. I became  a lotus eater.

Cooking which is something I have a passion for learning fell by the wayside. I was busy. Fast food was easier. At first it was cheap fast food. Then trying to justify this poor diet  I modified it.  I consumed pub crawlers dripping with cheese and bacon-e goodness.

Funny how we do that. Rather than admitting we are eating bad we try to make things right by eating the best of the bad. Some how the more expensive pub crawler seems better than something a clown might offer. But it just wasn’t burgers or fast food. It was frozen pizzas and chili dogs and baked mostaccioli..

Not to mention the bags of cookies. Do you ever sit in the car in the grocery store parking lot and eat the cookies? Not a cookie I’m talking the entire bag. I do that with Nutter Butter cookies. Can’t help myself. Kryptonite for real.

I then began setting aside things that needed my attention. See the urgency of my professional life over shadowed the things that needed doing. Both the mental and physical strain of long hours left me drained. A pizza, television and bed became my norm.

Now the work schedule returned to normal. Yet I lingered in the land of the lotus-eaters. I continued eating greasy fast food, powering myself on energy drinks and candy bars. My fast burning was ending with the worst crashes. When I  got home I could do nothing more than watch television. More of the hypnotic road.

You see I was no longer striving to do my best in all areas of my life instead I was doing the minimum simply to get by. The worst part was I did not care. Like Odysseus’s men I lost all desire to do anything more than continue to eat Lotus.

The world makes it easy for us to forget ourselves. Our desires and goals can easily be left on the side of the road. To often the easy simple and mundane takes over. We lose all sense of ourselves.

We employ quick fixes rather than actual solutions. We buy new clothing rather than going to the gym to lose the weight. We avoid the work it takes to prepare a decent meal because of the effort involved. It is so much easier to speak directly into the clowns head.

In fact this life style is so intoxicating that it self perpetuates. Once you eat of the lotus you only desire the lotus. Nothing more.

The crew members had Odysseus to pull them back to the ship. I believe the voice that called me back is God’s. In fact to return to where I was it will take applying all the lessons in experiential experimentation that I have shared with you on this site and then some.

The worst part of this experience is like the man who reaches his exit I to have no memory of the road I traveled to get here.


May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper



Cinephile: Equilibrium

Our film this month is Equilibrium released in 2002. The film was written and directed by Kurt Wimmer and stars Christian Bale, Sean Bean and Emily Watson.

In this futuristic society emotion is seen to be the enemy of the human race. It is mans inability to control himself that leads us to war and the edge of self-destruction. Only by self medicating can we suppress our emotions. Those who go off their medication and are found FEELING are hunted down and destroyed.

This movie is one of my favorite discoveries on DVD. Make it a point to see it this month.

May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper



Biblophile:Nineteen Eighty-Four

Nineteen Eighty-Four


Maybe you have heard the phrases “that’s Orwellian” or “Big Brother is watching” well this comes from a novel written by George Orwell entitled Nineteen Eighty-Four or sometimes published as 1984.

Chances are you might have known the source of these phrases. So I think we should follow with the next question…

Have you read it?

I find that a lot of times people know of books. They have never really  read the book. They simply know about the book.

Sometimes they have seen a Hallmark presentation or film adaptation of the book. But have never really sat and read the book for themselves.

I can not tell you enough about how important it is for you to read. The reason we post a new book each month is to help inspire and motivate you to read. So read something new each month.

This month our book of the month is 1984.

So what if you read it…read it again!

That’s right you heard me. Read eight to ten pages a night before bed. In a month you just read a book.  So what if you read it in high school. Your reading one book each month.This month it’s 1984 or Nineteen Eighty-Four. A book a month is good for you.

No… you will not become Henry Bemis!


Look if it makes you feel better this book like Fahrenheit 451 has been banned, burned, challenged as subversive and has been called ideologically corrupting.

So here is a good reason to read it…

because they don’t want you too…



May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper


Operation Sling-Shot

sling short

STAR DATE 1409.01

We have arrived home. Earth. Our mission can now be revealed. We are going to sling-shot around the sun. The effect of the suns enormous gravitational pull will propel the ship faster than can be imagined. We will be able to achieve speeds faster than any warp engine  can achieve.

If  Mr. Spock’s calculations are correct as we attempt to break away from the Suns pull we will actually be traveling backwards in time. That is if the ship can withstand the stresses of such speeds.

Mr. Scott has expressed his concerns and fears.

Mr. Sulu asked another question, can we pull away?  The gravitational pull maybe to strong for the ship to break free. We could just be pulled in and burned up on the sun. Mr.Spock is counting on the momentum. If we fire our engines at just the right time we should be able to sling-shot free.

From there we will be traveling backwards in time. Our goal is to arrive in the early part of the 21st century.

Why the early part of the 21st century?

The equation for warp drive has been developed. As our records have been lost regarding this part of Earths history our mission is to observe this period in history and record our findings.

The shuttle craft Galileo 7 will be launched to take a closer look at Earth during this period. Comm. Mark Petrie will Podcast his findings, questions and concerns. He will also lead a landing party which will be visually recorded and up loaded as Landing Party Vlogs.

If we survive Uhura will open a subspace frequency in order for you to receive our transmissions.

Until then …


May the Love of Christ be with you always….

…Live long and Prosper